We will reduce the world’s energy consumption by a billion-kilowatt hours by 2025. 


We are on a mission to accelerate the adoption of clean technologies by:

  1. Transforming large commercial buildings and industrial facilities into low carbon enterprises by making them energy and resource-efficient

  2. Partnering with the most promising clean technology entrepreneurs and helping them scale rapidly

  3. Recruiting and training 100 passionate sustainability partners in 20 countries by 2021 

Purpose Statement

Real. Value. Engineering



The recent boom in cleantech over the last decade is often described as ‘noisy’, with products that are only incrementally different in features and value proposition.


At Athena Cleantech, we work with technologies that leverage the quantitative nature of parameters such as energy consumption, utility demand, and waste production to demonstrate their real value in payback and return on investment (ROI). Our solutions prioritize the business case of decreasing an enterprise’s carbon footprint. 



We believe in creating value for our clients through a combination of interconnected yet independent factors.


We utilize a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework to balance the social, environmental, and economic value our projects bring to the industry and larger ecosystem. Our expertise is in analyzing key areas for operational improvement that decrease the resource-dependency of today’s businesses. 



We are driven by the potential of physical, mechanical, and hardware interventions to make infrastructure more efficient.


Rather than repackaging current solutions, our approach is to repurpose existing technologies to address unsolved issues. We nurture various breakthrough technologies and new engineering solutions for scale through our team of qualified and experienced managers.

How We Work

Athena Cleantech’s activities are rooted in the belief that the most valuable companies of tomorrow will be those championing sustainability. To accelerate enterprises’ transition to becoming a low carbon entity, we provide technologies that consolidate, assess, and minimize their carbon and material footprint. These turkey solutions enable companies to unlock new avenues of resource optimization in energy, water, and waste.


We build and support an ecosystem of cleantech entrepreneurs to provide enterprises with a diverse product portfolio. Our simple, yet powerful technologies identify and prioritize sustainable practices to create actionable roadmaps to transition into a low-carbon entity.

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We work with clients in two ways:

The CapEx Model

Enterprise clients purchase products from our solution portfolio, with Athena providing warranty and services such as an annual maintenance contract (AMC).

Zero CapEx Model

Enterprises can bypass upfront purchasing costs through a lease model where resource savings are split with Athena in return for design, supply, installation, and maintenance services.

Check out our product portfolio or contact us today to discuss which solutions work best for your facility.