How We Work

Athena Cleantech’s activities are rooted in the belief that the most valuable companies of tomorrow will be those championing sustainability. To accelerate enterprises’ transition to becoming a low carbon entity, we provide technologies that consolidate, assess, and minimize their carbon and material footprint. These turkey solutions enable companies to unlock new avenues of resource optimization in energy, water, and waste.


We build and support an ecosystem of cleantech entrepreneurs to provide enterprises with a diverse product portfolio. Our simple, yet powerful technologies identify and prioritize sustainable practices to create actionable roadmaps to transition into a low-carbon entity.

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We work with clients in two ways:

The CapEx Model

Enterprise clients purchase products from our solution portfolio, with Athena providing warranty and services such as annual maintenance contract (AMC).

Zero CapEx Model

Enterprises can bypass upfront purchasing costs through a lease model where resource savings are split with Athena in return for design, supply, installation, and maintenance services.

Product Portfolio

Replace your conventional building materials in areas such roofs, windows and envelopes with energy-generating PV material


Our plug-and-play IoT platform enables clients to manage various IoT sensors and control devices through a standardized dashboard 


Real-time data on building energy consumption that provide unparalleled insights into activity patterns


Improve chiller efficiency through algorithms that analyze real-time, operational data to provide optimization measures


Utilize digital twins of your built environment to get accurate, real-time energy saving recommendations remotely 


Remote monitoring, control, and testing of exit lights through sensors and communication mechanisms


We provide smart, energy-efficient lighting solutions that are engineered to utilize an optimal light spectrum for superior performance and long life


We provide a package of technology solutions to transform shops and retail chains into connected stores that optimize energy consumption while enhancing customer experience


The KVAR ECs® energy controller optimizes inductive loads in real-time to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption by  over 5%


Our IoT devices can be retrofit in your air conditioning devices for remote monitoring and control, empowering users to be in charge of their AC's energy consumption